The Limited Editions 2017 

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Riverland, Australia

Sweetness: Dry Body: Medium-Full Oak: Medium Alcohol: 13.5% 

BC Liquor Store Equivalent: Revolution Red


Rawsonville, South Africa

Sweetness: Dry  Body: Light-Medium Oak: Light-Medium  Alcohol: 13%

BC Liquor Store Equivalent: Inception


Hawke`s Bay, new Zealand

Sweetness: Dry  Body: Medium  Oak: Medium  Alcohol: 13%

BC Liquor Store Equivalent: Oyster Bay Hawkes Bay


La Mancha, Spain

Sweetness: Off Dry  Body: Light-Medium  Oak: None   Alcohol: 13% 

BC Liquor Store Equivalent: Bear Flag Soft White


Apulia, Italy

Sweetness: Dry  Body: Full  Oak:  Medium-Heavy  Alcohol: 14.5%

BC Store Liquor Store Equivalent: Luccarelli