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CABERNET SAUVIGNON:  Deep ruby, with black currant and cedar on the nose. Dry with a medium body. *KIT $66.36                                        

SAUVIGNON BLANC:  The flavour is full and dry, with a fruity herbaceous character, which finishes crisp and clean. Dry with a light-medium body. *KIT $61.56

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NEBBIOLO, ITALY: This wine has rich, spicy fruit and delivers the true character of the grape and land. Typical flavours are cherries, violets, black licorice, truffles and it finishes with rich, chewy, deep and long-lasting flavour. Dry with a medium body. *KIT $74.36

TRINITY WHITE, CALIFORNIA: A unique blend of Colombard, Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon, combining lemon and grapefruit aromas with rounded fruit, redolent of melons and fresh figs to round out this crisp white. Dry with a medium body. *KIT $67.16

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JULY 1-15

SYMPHONY, CALIFORNIA: A white wine with the incredibly intense aromas of melon, grapefruit, mango, peach, banana, and papaya. The fruity character picks up a strong backbone from the good acidity, and hint of tannin, carried over from the Grenache Gris grape.

JULY 16-31

MERLOT, CALIFORNIA: The plump, lush fruitiness of this respected grape translates into a wine which perfectly balances berry, and spice flavours with a smooth, supple texture. Mouth-filling and delicious; a standout with grilled meats. Dry with a medium body.


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