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Merlot - Fruit forward, red and black berry notes.  Dry with a medium body.

Chardonnay - Vanilla, oak, and apple.  Dry with a medium body.



Californian Pinot Noir - Cranberry, raspberry, and earthiness.  Dry with a medium body.

Washington Riesling - Rose petal, apple, and peach.  Off-dry with a medium body.

 It's time to make fruit wine! 

Bring in your favourite FRESH or FROZEN fruit and let us craft you beautiful wine.


    Bring Your Friends!

    Did you know...

    If you refer a friend to craft their wine with Great Fermentations, we will give you 50% OFF your next vinting fee! That's a savings to you of $30 OFF your next batch.


    Your friend will receive 30 FREE BOTTLES with their first batch of wine.