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Fruit Wine Special

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Mezza Luna Red:  Rich and flavourful, this purposeful blend marries intense aromas and complex flavours bursting of cherry and raspberry. The rich dark colour hints at the layered oak in the finish. Dry with a medium body.                                                 

Mezza Luna White:  Vintners Reserve's ‘great white' full, round and flavourful, with big fruit flavours and aromas. The oak provides a subtle yet noticeable balance to the fruit intensity. Big, lush and golden, it’s excellent to sip on its own. Off-dry with a medium body.

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Chilean Malbec: A thick-skinned grape full of colour, tannin and flavour, Malbec makes wines of great power and character, with blackberry, plums, tar, red pepper, sweet cherry, spice, licorice and deep bittersweet notes, almost like unsweetened chocolate, or espresso. Dry with a medium body.

Chilean Merlot: Renowned for its ripe cherry character, the Merlot is a perfect partner for red meats, lamb, and hearty stews. A must have on those crisp autumn evenings. Dry with a medium body.   

Italian Pinot Grigio: Though dry in character and with a pleasant zip of acidity, this Pinot Grigio shows off a pleasant floral fragrance and tremendous fruit flavours, making it the perfect picnic accompaniment. Dry with a light-medium body.

French Sauvignon Blanc: Steely, grassy, herbaceous the classic traits of palate-cleansing Sauvignon Blanc are here in this version sourced directly from the French countryside. Dry with a light-medium body.